Multipropaz a scenario of social transformation

Multipropaz means a scenario of social transformation for many young people in Cali, Colombia, whose realities are connoted in imminent acts of violence. From my experience as a multiplier of the process for 18 years, I can describe it as significant because it became a path of great learning that covered all aspects of my life: personal, family and community. Like many young people, I arrived at these spaces from a position of participant and found a constructive place where I was listened to and which, finally, permeated my way of thinking and perceiving life. Today, as part of the board of directors and president, I am convinced that young people from difficult social contexts require this type of space where, in addition to finding positive messages, they can also acquire new skills and discover tools that allow them to develop as active, participatory and democratic subjects that positively impact their environments, resignifying their realities and building a life project: a space to dream again.

However, as a foundation, the process has not been easy, and we never expected it to be. We have lived through stages and obstacles that we have managed to overcome because the love for serving and helping those who are our pillar and motivation has been greater: the children and youth of Cali's commune 20. We consider that our great contribution, in spite of the difficulties for resources and human personnel, has been the formation in Culture of Peace, whose success has been based on offering multiple spaces of expression through the ecological, artistic, the communicative, the audio-visual and the educational aspect. That is why it becomes an enriching program, because in Multipropaz children and young people find different ways to learn, be and express their thoughts. The truth is that the Foundation for Participation and Coexistence Multipropaz has been "a dream where everyone fits." As a foundation, we know that the impact can be even greater, and our great purpose is to reach more institutions in the city, so that more young people have the support of professionals that allow them to resign their lives and be resilient in the face of adversity.

José Luis Angulo

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