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Multipropaz continues to maintain its commitment to promote active participation and peaceful coexistence with children, teenagers, adults, women heads of households and/or community leaders, from spaces created from their own interests and the cross-cutting projects of the schools, in which human potentials are strengthened and life skills are developed. This is confirmed by a wide range of activities, meetings, outings and hundreds of lessons learned during the past year, which left great lessons and reaffirmed the work through the construction of a culture of peace and the improvement of coexistence.

This year's achievements are a record of the hard but exciting work of the Foundation, the result of the experience, the achievement of the objectives, and the commitment of each of the actors that make its actions possible. However, there is something that can hardly be represented statistically, through a graph or with numbers: the passion that unites a group of people, the feeling of a community, the desire to contribute positively to the life of others, and the commitment to peaceful coexistence.

The beginning of the year showed hope with a large number of enrolments, but at the same time, it also marked challenges with a quarantine that distanced all the actors. The COVID-19 pandemic unleashed a health, humanitarian and socioeconomic crisis that aggravated the situation of many social actors, limiting the exercise of the foundation and imposing new challenges. The country's social problems were added to this, triggering violent demonstrations at the end of May due to the national strike, a turbulent time in which the concern for a virus that added daily figures of deaths and contagions worldwide, remained in the background, as the discontent of many took over the front pages of the country's newspapers and newscasts. A time of fear, stained with massacres and disappearances, but at the same time of hope and courage to continue working for those spaces of peace and coexistence.

As in the year 2020 the protagonist was the digital and online connectivity, this year imposed new challenges. It was the year that made the Foundation adapt in a sudden and unprecedented way, as it exposed the condition of humanity and fragility. After five months of virtual sessions, where spaces for reflection, support and counseling were offered, the foundation managed to maintain its objective through intense activity and adapting more and more to the new circumstances. Returning to school in August became magical. To see again the posters, the messages, the essence captured on the walls where the community gathered again, was a reward for the effort to overcome obstacles, to join efforts and above all to continue building peace from the virtual world.

On December 10, the closing of the year 2021 took place, a year of lessons, beautiful experiences, recognitions and commitments to the Foundation's mission, the community. For the current year there are great challenges ahead: first, to continue with the formation of the group of Dynamizers, a group created with the objective of being multipliers of the experience of the workshops, with the capacity to solve conceptual challenges and to potentiate the abilities of each one as a social actor. Second, the reconstruction of the School Garden Project with the support of the Universidad del Valle and the help of Professor Adriana López. Themes have been put on the table from Ecodesign, vertical gardens and recycling work with the collection centers. The third challenge is to promote leadership workshops with the facilitators and strengthen the relationship with the other branches, through a more direct presence in the primary branches such as Santa Luisa, Gonzalez Rubio and Panama.

By Diana Ramirez based on reports by Victor Valencia and Dahiana Mosquera.

You can check our whole 2021 report (Spanish).

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