Our foundation

The Foundation for Participation and Coexistence Multipropaz was born from the project Jóvenes Constructores y Constructoras de Paz (Youung Peacebuilders) - Multipropaz , led at the time by students and teachers from the Mutlipropósito School in Cali, Colombia since 2003. It was legally constituted in February 2011 with NIT 900417321-5 and is located in Corregimiento La Elvira, Vereda Los Laureles, Casa 39, Finca San Fernando - Santiago de Cali, Colombia.


The foundation promotes active participation from spaces created from the interests of the youth and the transversal projects of schools in which human potential is strengthened and life skills are developed, contributing to the construction of a peace culture and the fostering of peaceful coexistence.

Meritorious Activity

The Foundation seeks to foster youth participation, democracy, peaceful coexistence, and conflict resolution. We promote spaces of peacebuilding with children, youth, adults, and different community actors.

Our Mission

To promote the reconstruction of social structures with a wide community coverage in order to foster participation and peaceful coexistence with children, youth, adults, women heads of household, and/or community leaders.

Our Vision

In the long term, the Multipropaz Foundation will have positioned itself as a leading organization in educational, social, and community processes, with a high impact on conflict resolution under peaceful coexistence.

Meet the founders

The founders of Multipropaz are former students and teachers of the Multipropósito school. They participated in the project "Jóvenes Constructores y Constructoras de Paz"(Young Peacebuilders), which was continued without financial support and then legally constituted in 2011 as the Foundation for Participation and Coexistence Multipropaz.

José Luis Angulo

Associate founder
Accounting management technologist

Alix María Valoyes

Associate founder
Bachelor of physics and mathematics

Edwin Gamboa

Associate founder
CC: 1.143.842.227
Magister en Ingeniería de sistemas

Xiomara Muñoz Bambagüe

Founder (not active)
Social worker

Milton Fernando Muñoz Paz

Founder (not active)
Industrial Engineering Technologist

Board of Directors

José Luis Angulo Belalcázar

CC: 1.143.828.251

Víctor Esteban Valencia Quintero

General Secretary

Equipo operativo

Victor Valencia

Project Coordinator

Evelyn Dahiana Mosquera

Management and Communications Coordinator

Nasly Gabriela Valencia


Other members

Francia Elena Arbeláez

Fiscal Reviewer
CC: 31.487.077

Juan Sebastián Flórez

CC: 1.143.831.071

No activos

Diana Carolina Gamboa

Financial and Management Reports

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