We train in peace culture, assertive communication, peaceful conflict resolution, teamwork, social responsibility, and leadership.


We carry out institutional and/or business strengthening activities.

Evaluation and Formulation

We design, implement, monitor, and evaluate social programs and projects.


We lead camps and/or retreats to strengthen emotional intelligence and diagnose problems. We also organize and coordinate conferences, congresses, and seminars


We offer workshops of initiation to the audiovisual media; filming, production, and audiovisual coverage of business, institutional, and community processes and activities.

Our methodology

We work through an active methodology that makes dynamic, reflexive, and theoretical work possible. This focuses on teamwork, personal growth activities and participation, which are essential to involve participants' own experiences. The formulation of agreements and their constant evaluation are also important since they allow the development of the activities to be conscious and adapted to the real conditions and needs of the participants.

The methodological principles that support our work are:

by doing

Learn to

Unlearn to learn

to be

Our team

Our team is made up of social workers, professionals in recreation, engineers, communicators, psychologists, graduates, accountants, and other professionals from various areas of knowledge, with more than 13 years of experience in leadership and support of social processes. This makes us an inter-disciplinary team capable of facing challenges and supporting multiple social, educational, business, and community processes.

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