The projects at the Foundation for Participation and Coexistence Multipropaz have an educational and training focus. This means that the foundation promotes the development of human potential, by guiding children and young people to discover their skills, build a life project and transform their realities and their contexts, in order to generate a peace culture. Currently, Multipropaz has two types of projects: one from our foundation itself and the other one in collaboration with partners.

Educational project: fostering a peaceful coexistence

This project promotes the construction of peaceful coexistence based on the promotion of a peace culture in the Multipropósito School in Cali, Colombia through different school clubs. Despite the fact that each club has its own context and practices, they are all guided by the PECP Methodology (Educational Proposal for Peacebuilding).

Edumetria Project: Math club

This project is carried out in partnership with Edumetría For Development and seeks to strengthen academic skills in subjects such as mathematics, language, and life projects. In addition, Multipropaz makes a logistic work in terms of calls, control of attendance lists, use of materials, and the guarantee of spaces for workshops. The Multipropaz facilitators are in charge of the life project workshops, which are prepared with the support of the PECP methodology (Educational Proposal for Peacebuilding).