Impact of our work

The impact of the Foundation for Participation and Coexistence Multipropazā€™s work has been documented by different entities and professionals in their research. Below we mention some of these:

TypeInstitutionPublication YearTitleEvidence
Specialized Research Group ICESI University2013Discursive practices on conflict and coexistence: Multipropaz case, MultipropĆ³sito School, Cali, ColombiaHERE (Spanish)
Research articleAletheia. Journal of Contemporary Human, Educational and Social Development2013Multipropaz: mediation experiences from the power of life A reading from the imperfect peaceHERE (Spanish)
Monograph Center for Advanced Studies on Children and Youth alliance of the University of Manizales and CINDE2016Peace Building Children and YouthHERE (Spanish)
The different sources present the impact, achievements, and challenges that have been faced in the different stages of our projects at mulripropĆ³sito school in Cali - Colombia.