Edumetría program: Club of mathematics and language

This project is carried out in partnership with Edumetría For Development nd seeks to strengthen academic skills in subjects such as mathematics and language. In addition, Multipropaz makes a logistic work in terms of calls, control of attendance lists, use of materials, and the guarantee of facilitators of the workshops. The Multipropaz team works with Edumetría to ensure the motivation of students, to prepare scenarios for the development of their human potential, thus obtaining skills to access higher education.

The goal of the program in Cali is to improve the mathematical performance of ninth-grade students (14 to 16 years old students). The methodology was implemented with fifty students distributed in two groups of twenty-five. Thirty students from the afternoon class were the control group. The children in the control group did not receive additional classes or workshops, but we monitored their results to compare them with the issue of the two intervention groups.

Results of the pilot intervention

Students were evaluated with three tests (beginning, middle, end of the program). The tests were designed by an expert in the field using the PISA TEST standards and focusing on applied problems: use of mathematical concepts, procedures, facts, and tools to describe, explain and predict phenomena. In addition, four different surveys were applied during the program to collect information about students, their parents, and the school.

The pilot project in students improved from 20.5% correct answers in the first test to 49.0% in the last one. The average improvement was 221% (from 29.4% to 65.0%).

This program proved to be especially effective for low performing students in the lower quartile, improving on average 328.8% (from 11.8% to 33.8%)